“TT Baltics Ltd.” (hereinafter – TT Baltics) is nearing the conclusion of refunding Estonian customers for trips that never happened. Almost all Estonian travellers who applied to TT Baltics and had their claims accepted (all supporting documentation for the transaction was provided, and the bank verified the claim’s legitimacy) have received their refunds.

Consumer Rights Protection Centre (PTAC) invites Estonian travellers to notify PTAC by February 29, 2024, if the requested refund to TT Baltics for a trip that did not take place has not yet occurred. We kindly ask that you send an email with the data to pasts@ptac.gov.lv. Please be aware that applications submitted after this date may not get payments.

The tour operator TT Baltics, also known as the representative of the TUI concern in the Baltics, has already been subject to international penalties, as previously disclosed. Consequently, the firm has cancelled all its scheduled trips. TT Baltics had reported to the PTAC that by January 31, 2024, a total of EUR 2 072 133.55 had been reimbursed in the Baltic States (EUR 651889.41 was reimbursed to travellers from Estonia; EUR 698579.95 was reimbursed to travellers from Lithuania; and EUR 721 664.19 was reimbursed to travellers from Latvia).

Though slow at first, the payment process has advanced progressively. Due to the volume of submissions that TT Baltics had to handle, the banks had to perform extra checks on a sizable number of claims to make sure that the money did not go to the sanctioned individual and that travellers received transparent reimbursements.

Due to the unique circumstances surrounding the imposition of sanctions on the recipient of TT Baltics, no procedure of this magnitude has ever been carried out. Throughout the process, the parties involved have run into several roadblocks, which, with their combined efforts, have been surmounted to the point where payments can now be made.