“TT Baltics Ltd.” (hereinafter – TT Baltics) has completed the refund of funds to Latvian travellers for the trips that did not take place to all those Latvian travellers who had applied to TT Baltics. The Consumer Rights Protection Centre (PTAC) invites Latvian travellers to inform PTAC by October 31, 2023, if the requested refund to TT Baltics for a trip that did not take place has not yet taken place, because TT Baltics is currently processing the supplementary list of requests submitted late by Latvian travellers. We invite you to send the information by writing to the email address pasts@ptac.gov.lv Please be warned that if applications are submitted after this date, there is a risk that payments will no longer be possible.

It has already been announced that international sanctions have been directed against the real beneficiary of the tour operator TT Baltics, which is more widely known as the representative of the TUI concern in the Baltics; therefore, the company cancelled all planned trips. TT Baltics has submitted information to the PTAC that by September 15, 2023, a total of EUR 1,867,827.55 was reimbursed in the Baltic States (EUR 715,586.59 was reimbursed to Latvian travellers; EUR 557,310.35 was reimbursed to Lithuanian travellers; EUR 594,930.61 was reimbursed to Estonian travellers).

On the other hand, refunds to consumers in Lithuania and Estonia for trips that did not take place are still ongoing. Considering the information submitted by TT Baltics, about EUR 185,074.60 is still to be paid to Estonian and Lithuanian travellers who applied for a refund.

The progress of the payment process in Lithuania and Estonia is proceeding at a steady but slow pace, as many submitted claims are subject to additional checks by the banks to ensure that the funds do not become available to the sanctioned person and transparent refunds are made to travellers.

Considering the special situation of applying sanctions to the beneficial owner of TT Baltics, a process of this type and size has never been implemented, and the involved parties have encountered various obstacles during the process, which were managed to be solved with the joint efforts of all involved parties to the extent that it would be possible to continue payments.