On the occasion of the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024,
which will take place in France, the French Directorate General for competition, consumers
and fraud control (DGCCRF) launches together with the European Consumer Centre (ECC)
France a website section covering Frequently Asked Questions. Available in French and
English, it answers the main questions that foreign consumers and visitors may have and
reminds them of their rights in France.

Major international sporting events attract a considerable number of visitors. They are also great moments of consumption, whether it be for accommodation, travel, food or tourism.

To answer the questions French and foreign consumers may have during these events, the DGCCRF has
published a special FAQ on the Rugby World Cup and Olympic Games. Clear, precise and practical, it
deals with numerous topics such as the purchase of tickets, accommodation, package holidays, air travel
and mobile phone charges (roaming). It will gradually be enriched with new answers concerning train travel, public transport, taxis, restaurants, etc., as to cover all consumer questions.

The FAQs have been prepared with the active support of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) France,
which informs, advises and assists French consumers facing a dispute in Europe, but also Europeans who
have questions regarding their rights in France or a dispute with a French trader.