Finding the most economical delivery service for international parcels can be strenuous. To offer more price transparency, the European Commission offers a price comparison tool for parcel delivery services within the EU. This tool is now available in all 24 EU languages.

Parcel price transparency tool

Whether you are shopping or selling online, the tool provides public prices for the delivery of one item in your own EU country or another member state. Fill in:

  • The country of origin
  • The country of destination
  • The type of parcel you are sending (e.g. parcel or letter, weight category, special options such as track and trace codes or registered mail)

The tool provides an overview of available delivery services and the tariffs for the chosen parcel type. The transparency tool holds a total of more than 40,000 tariffs for more than 250 parcel delivery services.

Please note: the published prices are provided in euros and exclude VAT.

Regulation on cross-border parcels in the EU

International parcel services play an important part in a well-functioning single market. Since 2018, the EU regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services provides more oversight and transparency for cross-border parcel tariffs. All delivery service providers with 50 or more employees or an office in more than one EU country are required to provide pricing information. This information is updated every year.