Consumer Rights Protection Centre has information that European Union sanctions are being imposed on tour operator SIA “TT Baltics” (best known as representative of TUI group in Baltic states).

Travelers should be aware that because of the sanctions imposed this tour operator has to cancel all the planned travels. It is tour operator’s obligation to inform the travelers in advance about the cancelled travels. Meanwhile, according to contracts, it is tourism operator’s obligation to return home those consumers, who are on their travels at the moment. In case of questions or any confusions, please contact SIA “TT Baltics” directly.

Considering the sanctions, SIA “TT Baltics” has to stop new service offering and trade immediately.

Consumer Rights Protection Centre in cooperation with other stakeholders will take all the necessary actions and will follow up that travelers would return home successfully, also that consumers will get their money for cancelled travels. Considering this difficult situation, we are asking travelers to be patient about repayment.