Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRPC) took an action against the company established in Estonia OÜ “ROZETE” (Company), blocking the website (Website). Company was carrying out unfair commercial practices related to violations of distance selling and non-fulfilment of contracts concluded with Latvian consumers.

Both CRPC and European Consumer Centre of Latvia have received 35 complaints from Latvian consumers about commercial practices implemented by the Company in period from January 1, 2022, to February 16, 2023.

CRPC has detected that the Company was publishing misleading information about the availability and delivery of products offered on its Webpage. Company also did not deliver products purchased by consumers and did not pay back money for the purchases as well as misleaded consumers about the repayment period. At the same time the Company delivered products those were not conforming to the provisions of a contract and when consumer wanted to withdraw from the contract, the Company did not repay the money. In addition, Company avoided of complaint handling in relation to contracts. It was also detected that there was no pre-contractual information and provisions of distance contract placed on Website.

Firstly, Company admitted violations it was noted about and committed to eliminate them, but CRPC detected that the implementation of unfair commercial practices continues, and the Company avoids communication with the authorities. Also, for consumers it was not possible to reach the Company in relation to distance contracts concluded.

In CRPC opinion Company causes a significant risk of harm, including risk of loss of money for many consumers by using the Website for distance trading.

CPRC made a decision to restrict access to until February 20, 2025.