Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRPC) and European Consumer Centre of Latvia (ECC Latvia) informs consumers that on 30th of March 2022 the insolvency of SIA “Animo Forti” (operating on website: has been announced by the court.

As it has been published beforehand, CRPC and ECC Latvia has received around 200 complaints in 2021 about the problems consumers have faced regarding the company. Mostly those were fails to deliver fully paid purchases without paying back at all or for extremely long period of time.

Due to mentioned above all creditors are invited to file their creditor claims to the designated insolvency administrator till 02.05.2022.

Insolvency administrator’s contact details are the following:

Name, surname: Georgijs Orlovs


Telephone No.: +371 26599824

Address of practice location: Rīgas iela 16, Rēzekne, LV-4601, Latvija.

Creditor’s claim (application to insolvency administrator signed by consumer) should be written in a free form, but the following information must be included:

  1. justification of the claim;
  2. type of claim;
  3. the amount of the claim, determined the amount of the main claim and the amount of ancillary claims (interest, late payment, fine, etc.);
  4. the time of occurrence of the claim;
  5. whether the creditor is recognized as an interested person (see Section 72 of the Insolvency Law);
  6. contact information, including e-mail address;
  7. Bank Account Number.

Foreign consumers may write creditor’s claim in English and send it to insolvency administrator via e-mail:    

There should be attached also all available supporting documents, including order confirmation and payment document (also correspondence if available) to creditor claim.

More detailed information about insolvency procedure in Latvia is available here: (only in Latvian).