As it was announced before, European Union sanctions are being imposed on tourism operator SIA “TT Baltics” (best known as representative of TUI group in Baltic states). Also, all the tourism operator travels have been cancelled until the end of May 2022, and suspended sales of new trips.

CRPC calls the travelers, whose travels have been cancelled, to contact the tourism operator “TT Baltics” submitting the application regarding repayment of the money paid for cancelled travels (by travelers or behalf of them).

Travelers don’t need to submit an application at Consumer Rights Protection Centre (hereinafter – CRPC), unless the tourism operator “TT Baltics” has refused repayment, or any other disagreement has occurred.

In the application to “TT Baltics” for repayment of money travelers must include:

  • name and surname of the traveler;
  • contact information of the traveler – phone number, e-mail, address;
  • date and number of the contract;
  • name of tourism operator and agent, registration number;
  • information about payments carried out (date, payer, amount);
  • amount of partially repaid money from the tourism agent (if applicable);
  • total amount of money to be repaid;
  • account number for repayment.

Proof of payment (a copy of the check or the strict accounting receipt or a payment order certified by the bank) must be added to the application.

The application (signed with electronic signature) has to be sent to e-mail or signed in person via mail to “TT Baltics” legal address Vienības gatve 109, Rīga, LV-1058. Before sending the application, please check current legal address, also follow to the newest information on Facebook For submission of the application, please, use the forms developed by “TT Baltics” if available.

CRPC informs that if the consumer has purchased a trip from “TT Baltics” via tourism agent and the trip has been cancelled, the tourism agent is obliged to transfer to the traveler a part of the amount of money (including the commission) that has not been transferred to “TT Baltics”.

Considering the complicated situation, CRPC kindly invites the travelers to be patient about the repayments.  Considering that each payment of money for cancelled travels from the frozen funds of “TT Baltics” requires a permission issued by the Financial and Capital Market Commission, the repayment process could take longer than 14 days after the cancellation of the journey as specified in the legislation.

In case if further information needed, please contact