Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia (further – CRPC) and European Consumer Centre of Latvia (hereinafter   – ECC Latvia) have received 183 complaints during 2021 about on-line store owned by SIA “Animo forti” (hereinafter – Trader), selling exclusive and expensive shoes those price exceed few hundred EUR. Mainly consumers complained on undelivered products, ordered and fully payed, and in case of withdrawal from the contract or using cooling off period, the money has not been paid back within more than six month period or has not been paid back at all.

The significant number (175) of the complaints received are cross border complaints, mainly from EU consumers. The highest number of the complaints received are from Lithuanian, Estonian and UK consumers as well as from the consumers from third countries – USA, Russia, Japan and others. Consumers mentioned common problem – the Trader does not deliver the ordered products within the set deadline nor within the additional deadline. When consumers canceling the order, the money has not been paid back withing long period of time (even half a year). The same scenario follows in case of using cooling off period.

The representatives of CRPC and ECC Latvia have contacted the trader during the compliant handling process and receiving reply that the problems are going to be solved, but the payback of the money did not follow.  However, it should be mentioned that in 41 case the positive solution has followed, the bulk part of the complaints is still pending.

Considering the problems mentioned above CRPC has taken binding decision on 07th of December 2020, obliging the Trader to interrupt implementation of Unfair Commercial practice as well as fining with 10 000 EUR. The decision has been appealed, but the court has left the CRPC decision in force. The execution procedures of the CRPC decision is now in the process.

In spite of enforcement process of  the decision, CRPC has received the signals that Trader continues active promotion and advertising process of the on-line store attracting new clients, therefore CRPC warns consumers to consider all risks and problems mentioned above and avoid shopping in on-line store!

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